Methodology Workshop   4357 Bunche Hall 6pm

February 14 Matthew Atkinson, Ryan Enos and Seth Hill "Candidate Faces and Election Outcomes"
January 24 Brian Min. "Who Gets Public Goods? Democracy and the Politics of Rural Electrification."
January 10 Kim Dionne. "Responding to the AIDS Epidemic in Africa."
April 26 Cesar Zucco Jr. "Ideology or What? On Ideal points, ideological cleavages, and legislative behavior in Brazil."
February 22 Ryan Enos. "Sameness and Segregation: The effects of communication and competition on political participation among African-Americans."
February 8 Matthew Atkinson. "Partisan Generational Effects: How the national mood during a cohort's adolescent years shapes its lifelong macropartisanship."
January 25 Seth Hill. "Guarding the Guardians: U.S. Senate Oversight of Foreign and Defense Policy, 1947-2004." (with Linda Fowler)
January 11 Jonathan Slapin and Sven-Oliver Proksch. "A Poisson Scaling Model for Estimating Time-Series Party Positions from Texts."
November 30 Kim Dionne. "The Different Movers in a Social Movement: Survey data from the May 1 immigration rallies in Los Angeles." (with Carlson, Chwe, DeWitt, Enos and Stone)
November 16 Stan Hok-wui Wong. "Political Survival in Authoritarian Regimes."
November 2 Garrett Glasgow. "Instability in Political Attitudes Due to Ambivalence: A Reconsideration of Some Recent Evidence."
October 19 Scott Hoaby. "Can the New Economic Geography Explain Inequality?"
October 12 Drew Linzer. "Ideological Constraint and the Quality of Governance in New and Established Democracies."
June 8 Sven-Oliver Proksch. "The Politics of Constitution Making: The Institutional Organization of the European Convention."
May 25 Jonathan Slapin. "Testing Institutional and Intergovernmental Theories of Power at Europe's Intergovernmental Conferences."
May 11 Julia Gray. "When Talks Aren't Cheap: The Impact of Advancing Stages of EU Negotiation on Investor Risk."
April 27 Cesar Zucco Jr. "Method to the Madness? Spoils Distribution in Multiparty Presidential Systems."
April 6 R. Brian Law. "Parties, Executives and Committee Prestige: The Eclipse of the Senate in National Security, 1947-2004." (with Linda Fowler)
March 9 Tyson Roberts. "Political Institutions and Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: Does policy stability mean more to investors than democracy or property rights?"
Feb 22 Lisa Blaydes. "Electoral Budget Cycles Under Authoritarianism: Economic Opportunism in Mubarak's Egypt."
June 9 Peter Li. "Networks and International Relations: The Measurement of Alliance Portfolio Similarity."
May 26 Julia Gray. "The Company You Keep: How Membership in Multilateral Trade Agreements Makes Developing Countries Look Less Risky."
May 12 Marisa Kellam. "The Nationalization of Electoral Change in Latin America." (with Eduardo Aleman)
Apr 28 Joseph Wright. "Aid and Endogenous Institutions: Does Aid Influence Institutional Development."
Apr 14 Cari Coe. "Enfranchising a Property-Owning Class: The Allocation of Long-term Landuse Rights in Vietnam."
Mar 17 Hans Noel. "Birds of a Feather: A Hierarchical Model for Estimating the Ideal Points of Political Pundits."
Mar 3 Eunyoung Ha. "Globalization, Veto Players, and Welfare Spending."
Feb 17 Jonathan B. Slapin. "Who is Powerful? Examining Preferences and Testing Sources of Bargaining Strength at European Intergovernmental Conferences."